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03-May-2020 16:05

They're learning to set more boundaries with their dad.

They're learning how to stand up for themselves, for example, when I'm not around if they need something from him that he wouldn't necessarily be accustomed to giving them. He could, you know, move to Argentina (to be with the woman with whom he had the affair(.

You know, you have to learn to respect one another's space. If the children go to spend the weekend with him and one is sick, I'm teaching the boys to say, 'You know, Dad, this is what I need today,' whereas Mom would normally have been there to help fill in that role." So what happens after her ex-husband's governorship ends?

"I remember the first birthday I celebrated after we moved south.

It might not be right for everybody, but it was the right decision for me to divorce."Since that time, you have to come up with new patterns being with your ex-spouse.

The children and I live separately from him, but we get together on holidays sometimes or for birthdays and things like that.

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Mark Sanford — the Republican politico from South Carolina who used taxpayer dollars to made adulterous visits to his girlfriend — is now blaming his ex-wife for ending his marriage plans to the Argentine named Maria Belen Chapur. He was worried in some odd nagging way, he said, that he might not be able to remain true to that vow.

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